Desertion Soprano’s style

You can bet money that he will be joining Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan on the tour circuit…. After he gets out of jail…  

Full story here

A Bronx soldier who hired a hit man to shoot him in the leg so he wouldn’t have to go back to Iraq was sentenced to a year in jail yesterday after admitting he lied about being in combat and witnessing atrocities.

For months, Jonathan Aponte detailed the horrors he’d seen in combat, talking of the smell of burning flesh, the sound of car bombs and the horror of “being shot at every day” by insurgents.

The 20-year-old’s story garnered him sympathy nationwide and he was invited on the Star Jones show to pour out his heart.

In a stunning reversal, prosecutors said yesterday it was all made up: Aponte worked in a warehouse during his Iraq tour and never saw combat.

“Mr. Aponte’s testimony that he saw a female sergeant commit suicide less than 50 feet away from him was not true,” Bronx Assistant District Attorney James Cudden said.

“Stories about people dying in front of his eyes were not true. Mr. Aponte worked in a warehouse that stocked helicopters. He did not go to combat.”

Faced with potential felony perjury charges, Aponte pleaded guilty in Bronx Criminal Court to a misdemeanor of false reporting.

His wife, Alexandra Gonzalez, and hit man Felix Padilla, who took $500 to shoot Aponte in the leg while he was home on leave in July, were indicted on assault charges


  1. Mark Wheeler

    This guy is a full fledged coward who has absolutely no reason for his cowardice. He is obviously just naturally that way. And he is an idiot. The soldiers who serve and actually face danger are men. This guy is a nothing idiot coward. I was in Iraq. I did not see much action, but I certainly did not contemplate having someone shoot me while on mid tour leave to keep from going back. Wow! Oh, and I work for my state’s prison system. Cowards make good girlfrends in prison.

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