US drafts new sanctions text against Iran

As much as I know that preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons must be a priority, trying to craft a UNSC Resolution that has no teeth and likely would never be enforced is in my opinion a complete waste of time.  If Iran want to build a reactor to irannukes.jpgproduce energy, one can be built that is not capable of producing the highly enriched uranium required for nuclear weapons…   Iran gets the energy it wants and no bombs to go along with it… Everybody is happy… Unless energy is not what Iran is wanting…  

From Breitbart 

The United States is drafting a new sanctions resolution against Tehran, the State Department said Tuesday, just days before a meeting of major powers regarding Iran’s controversial atomic aims. “What we’re doing is working on the elements of a resolution … We put down on paper some of those ideas, what it might — what a resolution might look like,” spokesman Sean McCormack said.“And we’re having ongoing discussions on that with” the five permanent members of the Security Council (United States, Russia, China, Britain and France) as well as Germany.

The meeting is to take place Friday in Washington, hosted by the State Department’s third top ranking diplomat Nicholas Burns, and the countries will be represented by their foreign ministries’ political directors.


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