Here are a few articles on illegal immigration:

High-Tech Security Visas Sold on Mexican Black Market

United States immigration and State Department officials fear that their newly developed, high-tech visas are being sold on the Mexican black market. The US government hoped the newly designed visas would help in curtailing rampant illegal immigration at the Mexican border, but investigators believe many of them are being bought or rented by Mexicans seeking illegal entry into the US.

Well over 11,000 of these Laser Visas, issued to Mexicans for legitimate travel into the United States were reported stolen or “lost” in just two border cities. Government officials claim this is a 15 percent jump from previous figures.

The ATM card-sized documents, which include the legal holder’s photograph and scanned fingerprints, were actually developed for use in 1998 hopefully to increase security and standardize documents used by Mexicans to cross the border since so many different types of documentation made the screening process cumbersome and confusing.

“While many may have been legitimately ‘lost,’ it seems probable that quite a few are either ‘stolen’ or ‘reported stolen’ in order to sell them,” a U.S. consular official, who declined to be named, told Reuters.

202 suspected illegals arrested over 2 weeks

Ken Fuller, the agent in charge of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection station in Mobile, said today that 202 illegal immigrants were arrested in Mobile County during the two-week Operation Uniforce III campaign that ended Friday.

The operation was a full-blown success, Fuller said. Fuller said the number of people arrested isn’t as important as the information they gathered from the immigrants.

That information, which included when, how and where they crossed from Mexico into Texas, will help Border Patrol agents seal up the border and stop others from entering Texas.

Fuller said Uniforce III and previous Uniforce operations have been successful in producing numerous arrests, not just of people suspected of being illegal aliens, but of wanted fugitives and alien smugglers. Large amounts of narcotics also have been seized, he said.

The Border Patrol, in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, will continue these operations in the future.

Eviction based on Ethnicity 

A businessman says his landlord at the Ellendale Center in Stuart wants him out of his office space by the end of the month, in order to “complete [his] vision of converting the center to quality tenants serving the Spanish need in the area.”

Had the landlord said “i don’t like water products”, or “I want more restaurants”, then that would be acceptable, but he stated his decision is based on race.

Ivan Monroe has decided to request the long term tennant leave the plaza that he “envisions” as a Spanish speaking only storefront. Mr Munroe has decided that english speaking customers are not who he wants to serve. An eviction based on ethnicity is the short of it.

We are never going to get a handle on the problems accompanying illegal immigration by approaching it in a piecemeal manner. A wall along the border is not going to solve the problem by itself… Criminals will find away around it… Similarly criminals will find a way to forge the High Tech ID’s, and cracking down on employers alone will only force many of those employers “underground”. We need a Comprehensive reform package that accomplishes all of these things.. enhances our border security, makes it more difficult to forge identity documents, and cracks down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers. Unfortunately Comprehensive Immigration Reform has become synonymous with the Amnesty bills offered in Congress. Offering Amnesty to the millions already here will do nothing but encourage others to buck the system to and get here for the next round of Amnesty.  One other thing that does need to be addressed in any Comprehensive Immigration bill is fixing the system itself… Many thousands of people are in various stages of immigrating here legally.. they have been in the bureaucratic system for years. Streamlining this process should be a priority just as important as building a wall and cracking down on the employers of illegal’s. When those who want nothing more than to come here to improve their livelihood for themselves and their families have an avenue they can pursue legally they will not resort to the illegal means to get here.  


  1. onemorecup

    This is one gorgeous site! I mean seriously, I spent almost an hour just looking around! I’m going to keep on working until my blog looks as nice as this one does.

    Two things: I entertain your notion that ” …unfortunately Comprehensive Immigration Reform has become synonymous with the Amnesty bills offered in Congress.” What’s worse in my mind is that the two are inextricably linked together cunningly arranged that way by the authors! As for me, that’s the first step in real reform; disconnect the two and all the other fodder that goes along with it.

    Second, I am a supporting member of CAII although one would never know it. Got all signed up; got my badges and proudly displayed the logo on my site. Can you advise as to whether or not this organization still exists? I’ve sent two emails without return. Is it defunct? Sorry, I’m Paul Schilling aka onemorecup and my site is “The Thinker.” Love those big quotes you’re using! Cheers!


  2. OMC;

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Thank you for the kind comment..

    1st.. We desperately need comprehensive Immigration Reform… I am not saying we need anything like what has been proposed in Congress, but rather one that will address the Border Security issues, enhance our law enforcement ability, crack down on the employers of illegals, and provide greater communication and cooperation between Federal, State, & Local law enforcement in enforcement of our immigration laws. What we do not need now is Amnesty… No AMnesty for Coyotes who engage in human smuggling, no Amnesty for employers of Illegal labor, and no Amnesty for those who by thier own choice are in this country illegally.

    2nd.. As Far as the CAII goes it is still very active, though I have not posted to the group in quite some time. Immigration messages are posted in a Yahoo Group and generally cross posted from there to the various blogs.
    Here is the address of the group…

    Hope this helps

    Thanks again for your comment


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