Iranian Arms Shipment intercepted in Afghanistan

A Theocractic Dictatorship like Iran can not possibly allow emerging free societies to exist right next door in either Afghanistan or Iraq…  Iranian citizens might be wanting some of that freedom too, and undermine the hold on power that the Mad Mullaha’s have.  

NATO troops deployed in Afghanistan have intercepted an Iranian arms shipment destined for the Taliban in what appears to be an escalating flow of weaponry between the two former enemies.

Citing unnamed officials from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, The Washington Post said the shipment seized on September 6 included armour-piercing bombs, which have been especially deadly when used as roadside bombs against foreign troops in Iraq.

The NATO-led force interdicted two smaller shipments of similar weapons from Iran into southern Helmand province on April 11 and May 3, the report said.

“It’s not the fact that it’s qualitatively different, but this was a large shipment which got people’s attention,” a US official said.

Full Article here Washington Post article here

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