Vietnam Veterans Memorial Defaced

I keep asking this question over and over again:  what is wrong with people?

A memorial is erected to the lives lost in Vietnam, it is a solemn place, quiet, a place for reflection.  A place to remember 0ver 58k who gave their lives for our country.

On Friday, 9/7/07, someone decided to deface it.  Michelle Malkin reported:

Along the foot of the wall, covering a stretch almost two-thirds of the entire monument, an oily substance was spilled on the panels and paving stones that were built to pay tribute to those who gave their lives on the battlefield.

The National Park Service is investigating. Whatever the substance was, it was potent and corrosive. Huge swaths of the wall have been defaced. This is despicable desecration.

The National Park service is “investigating” and has not yet reached a determination whether it was vandalism.  However, as reported in the Washington Times,

Maintenance and preservation staff were working to remove the substance with no permanent damage to the memorial.

I am wondering why this is such a difficult determination?  This is a criminal act, and those responsible should be prosecuted.  I for one, would find the culprits and as part of their punishment, have a public viewing of these morons cleaning the wall.  The only audience I would allow is Vietnam Veterans and no media.

You can figure out the rest in your own wonderful imaginations.

FreeRepublic broke the story here.

I will post some of their photos and let you be the judge for yourselves.




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