Terrorist to speak at UN General Assembly

Iranian Terrorist in Chief will be visiting the United Nations in a couple of weeks before going to pay a visit to his Anti-American Ally in Venezuela.

ahmadinejad-cartoon.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will arrive in New York on September 24 in order to attend the United Nation’s 62nd General Assembly session, the Iranian news agency Fars reported Friday.

According to the report, Ahmadinejad will stay in the city for two days and will be accompanied by a high-level delegation. This will be the Iranian president’s third visit to the United States since his election in 2005.

Full story here Cartton from News Blaze

This guy is President of a country that Bankrolls terror groups like Hizbollah & Hamas, provides Weapons and training for terrorists fighting our forces in Iraq, consistantly remarks about wiping Israel off the map and is actively pursuing a nuclear Weapons program.  The only other person in the world more inappropriate to be granted an international forum is Osama Bin Laden.

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  1. How is Ahmadinejad a “terrorist”? Who has he terrorized or killed recently? I know the guy has some distasteful views on the holocaust, but that makes him an ill-informed idiot, not a terrorist.

    According to the English dictionary, terrorism is the “threat or use of force in order to attain a political objective, often involving the killing of innocent civilians.”

    According to the English dictionary, America and Israel are FAR bigger terrorists that Ahmadinejad has ever even fantasized about!

  2. Freeluncher;

    He bankrolls Terror groups… those that send 12 yr old kids into pizza parlors with explosives strapped to bodies in the hopes of killing innocent people..

    He trains and arms terror cells to strike American and Israeli targets again hoping to do nothing more than kill innocent people.

    He continually threatens to wipe Israel off the map..

    This is what makes him a TERRORIST.

    America and Israel are defending themselves from terrorists like Ahmadinejad.

    Have a nice day…

  3. Darrell, I know it is widely reported, but it is not true that Ahmadinejad said he wanted Israel wiped off the map. His words were mistranslated from the original Farsi. He didn’t actually use the words “wipe”, “map”, or “Israel”. He talks of the “regime occupying Jerusalem” and how it might “vanish” over “time”. Sort of like how the regime in the Soviet Union “vanished” from the pages of time”. You can read about it here – http://www.campaigniran.org/casmii/index.php?q=node/1215

    Care to explain how terrifying acts like the shock and awe bombing of Iraq, the torture at Abhuh Graib and Guantanamo, or secret prisons in Europe “protect” America from terrorists??
    Truth is my friend, these are acts of terrorists.

    Do you have any evidence to support your other contentions about terror cells and suicide bombers, other than because Bush or Fox News says so??

  4. tantheblackhearted


    Do you have your head buried up Ahmadamadingdong’s butt?

    Shock and awe bombing = PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND STOP FIGHTING.

    Torture at Abu Graib? Is that the same as the castration of young girls? Strapping bombs on children?

    Secret prisons in Europe? Is that the same as putting people into paper shredders? Shooting women in soccer fields because they’ll tell a man to go F himself?

    Truth to you lurcher – you’re really delusional.

    If you do any reading whatsoever (and Dr. Seuss doesn’t count), you will see that Ahmadamadingdong wants to prepare the world for the arrival of the 12th Iman. And that preparation is supposed to occur by fire.

    The fundamentalist muslims believe there can only be one religion, that means, if you’re not muslim, you’ll die like the rest of us.

    Stop being a surrender monkey.

  5. tantheblackhearted, in answer to your questions,

    No, I do not have my head up anyones butt. Not Ahmadinejad’s, nor Bush’s.

    You make Shock and Awe sound like a warning shot across the bows, it was not. It was a murderous assault on a nation and its people. It killed tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s.

    You ask if torture at Abhu Graib is the same as strapping bombs to children? Not quite the same, but despicable none the less. Same goes for your point about prisons.

    You seem to be saying ‘if the enemy can do terrible things, so can we’. That is where you lose the moral high ground, and become what you claim to despise.

    Stop listening to Fox News.

  6. Freeluncher..

    First off: Shock & Awe was a military campaign to remove a brutal dictator… a campaign that by the way did more than any other military campaign in human history to limit civillian casualties.

    Abu Gharib was disgraceful actions by a few soldiers who have subsequently punished for those actions.

    Secret Prisons in Europe… Let me get this straight, you object to the interrogation techniques used in those European Prisons and instead of complaining about those techinques to the European governments who obviously conduct & condone them you blame it on the U.S. Government. Your interest here seems to have less to do with the interrogation techniques that are used, and more with finding an excuse to bash the U.S.

    Gitmo: So what would you have us do with combatants captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan… release them so they can commit other acts of terrorism and kill more innocents?

    And finaly Freeluchner are you going to try and claim that Iran does not train and support Hamas and Hizbollah? If so there are plenty of posts here that show that they do…

    Now this post is not about the US, it is about the Terror supporting state of Iran, and its selected president getting a platform to address the whole world from. It is not surprising that the UN would grant a terrorist like Ahmadinejad a microphone, they afterall did the same thing for another terrorist… Arafat.

    Have Nice Day

  7. tantheblackhearted


    Why do you jokers always think we’re on the Fox news channel?

    However, it’s no real surprise to see you follow Chumpsky.

    When you see our children strapping bombs on themselves, then you can talk to me about the US losing the moral high ground.

    As far as the rest of your incessant whining, you seem to like Ahmadamadingdong and his ilk. Too bad the people in his country don’t agree with you.

    Since you seem to know more than they do, why not leave that comfy home in the UK and give Iran a fly.

  8. Darrell, do you accept that the Shock and Awe campaign killed a lot of innocent civilians? More than were killed on 9/11?

    With regard to the secret gulag of prisons the US is running, with the connivance of some European and other nations, I DO decry European involvement in this shameful episode. But it is the US that is the prime mover in extraordinary rendition and secret detention, so has to take it’s fair share of the blame. I can assure you I “bash” those other governments who are complicit in this disgrace.

    Gitmo, you ask what I would do? How about trying these people in a court of Law? Simple really…

    No doubt Iran likely does provide material support to Hezbollah and others. Still, it is nowhere remotely close to the material support the US provides the Israeli’s, once provided Saddam, or even the old Shah of Iran. And regarding training terrorists, what do you think went on in the School of The Americas?

    According to my dictionary, terrorism is “the use of force in order to pursue a political aim”. This makes the invasion of Iraq a terrorist act. Shock and Awe was certainly terrifying for those underneath it, wouldn’t you agree?

    Hey tantheblackhearted, still got nothing, zilch, nada of substance to say on my comments I see. Keep the ad hominems coming, they are very amusing!

  9. Ron Yogman

    This manaical mass murderer should not be
    granted admittance to the U.S.

    Imagine his audacity (or is it stupidity
    and insensitivity?) to attempt an escort
    to ground zero?!

    This man is not worthy to piss or shit
    anywhere in the U.S.A.

    The third visit is the charm . . .
    could it be his last? Methinks the U.S.
    has plans for Iranian zealots upon his
    return home, assuming he has a safe
    journey — to and fro.

  10. Clarissa


    Keep up the good work. I haven’t been able to discover how Ahmadinejad is a terrorist either, though the accusation is certainly bandied about by those eager for war with Iran!

  11. tantheblackhearted


    Don’t hurt that one remaining brain cell.

    Does the hostage crisis ring a bell? Several of the hostages have identified Ahmadamadingdong as one of the captors.

    You must have missed that.

  12. tantheblackhearted


    Of course you see nothing beyond the bullshit you espouse.

    However, enemy combatants are not afforded the same rights as citizens, thus, no trial.

    So those contractors who were beheaded, where were their rights?

    You surrender monkeys crack me up.

  13. Nobone

    You guys are all really funny. Everyone’s so positive they have the right answer. Truth is that most people who opine and standfast to their beliefs don’t actually know too much because the information available to them is pretty limitied.

    I’m sure it wouldn’t suprise you that countries other than America consider many of the acts America does around the world as acts of terror. Don’t get me wrong, Ahamedinejad is a crazy bastard off his rocker (and even though he is a powerless leader, is managing to isolate Iran more so than it has been in the past 20 years), but fact of the matter is what the Bush administration has deemed “acts of terror” are committed by all countries, big and small, and laying the blame is only a matter of what hemisphere you live on.

  14. tantheblackhearted


    Why don’t you tell me when the US has crashed planes into the office buildings of foreign countries?

    Tell me when the US has strapped bombs on its children?

    You appear pretty limited in your thinking from where I sit.

  15. tantheblackhearted, if I may answer your last question….?

    As far as I know the US has never crashed planes into buildings, though you may find looking into Operation Northwoods interesting – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods
    Neither, to my knowledge, has the US strapped bombs onto children. But that is neither here nor there, it has done many, many things as bad.

    Why don’t you tell me when Iran has told lies about Weapons of mass destruction in order to fool its people into supporting an illegal war?
    Or maybe you would care to tell me when the Iranian secret services have used black-ops to overthrow a democratically elected government, as the CIA did with Chile not a million years ago?
    Or maybe you’d like to tell me about the secret gulags Iran has throughout Europe that torture’s alleged terror suspects?

    You show your own limited thinking too, amigo.

  16. Ok Luncher…

    Operation Northwood was never carried out or are you attempting to imply that that the US Government was behind 9-11? No need to beat around the bush here Lunch come out and say it… Are you one of the conspiracy nutcases like Michael Moore?

    Every nation on the planet maintained that Iraq had WMD including France, Germany etc… Perhaps you can point to 1 LIE that was used to fool anyone.

    Iranian Secret Service overthrowing a democrtically elected government… Taken a look at what is happening in Lebanon lately?

    You might want to take a look at Iran’s Human Rights record… For the most part the only reason I can see that you don’t is because you can’t find a way to blame the US for the Iranian Terrorist Regimes record.

  17. Way to avoid my point, Darrell!

    Yes, Operation Northwoods was never carried out, but the fact that it was even considered by the US is revealing in my humble opinion.

    I will come out and say it, NO, I do not believe the US gov’t was behind 9/11.

    You are incorrect that “every nation on the planet” maintained Iraq had WMD, unless your planet only has western nations and Israel in it. There were many who asserted the contrary, and believed Hans Blix and the other weapons inspectors when they said Iraq was “verifiably disarmed of WMD’s”. I suggest googling Scott Ritter for example.

    Regarding Lebanon, I don’t know what you are getting at about Iran overthrowing the government there, but even if you are correct, it still pales into insignificance compared to the USA’s overthrow of democratic regimes it dislikes, or it’s support for tyrants, including at one time a certain Saddam Hussein. I’m sure you’ve seen the photo’s of Rumsfeld glad-handing him in the 80’s. Reagan called Saddam a “moderate” and a “friend”.

    2 wrongs do not make a right. Just because Iran might have an appalling human rights record does not justify America’s disgraceful record on the same.

  18. Regarding the lies told in the lead up to Iraq. Two that spring to mind are Bush’s claim of “yellow cake” from Niger in his State of the Union address, another being Powell’s crap about “mobile chemical weapons labs” at the UN.

    Oh, another lie was the insistence that it was “nothing to do with oil”. Alan Greenspan nailed that one recently.

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