State & Local Immigration enforcement laws are working

Here is an example of a successful state law requireing law enforcement to check the Immigration status on those arrested on Felonies or Drunk Driving… Other states should be following thier lead.


Some Tulsa area schools are seeing Hispanic students leaving as a state law targeting illegal immigrants is about to go into effect.

Principal Judy Feary at Kendall-Whittier Elementary says some students are seen getting into packed cars pulling a moving trailer and they don’t return to class.

She says some are heading back to Mexico while others are going to other states. And she says school officials are hearing others are planning to leave in October.

A law passed earlier this year takes effect Nov. 1 which requires law officers to check the immigration status of people they arrest on felony and drunken-driving charges. The law is also intended to prevent illegal immigrants from getting jobs and many public benefits.

Hat tip to Immigration News Daily


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