First Cup September 14th


Here are some of this morning’s top stories:

AP GOP Pollfredthompson.jpg

White men, conservatives, evangelicals and other pivotal building blocs of the Republican Party are divided among its leading contenders for president, leaving the race for the 2008 GOP nomination highly fluid, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are each attracting significant support from core GOP rudy.jpgromney.jpggroups, based on the poll conducted this week. Even Sen. John McCain of Arizona, whose campaign has been staggered by money problems and staff shake-ups, is backed by solid shares of suburban, college-educated and Midwestern Republican voters.

Full article here

Polls schmolls… the only polls that count are on election day, and that is still quite aways off. Personally I romney.jpgromney.jpgwould prefer Fred Thompson, but I could live with either Rudy or Romney… I don’t much care for McCain and the rest of the Republican contenders have yet to make an impact…   There is one other candidate that is making a name for himself… Ron Paul… he is becoming the Michael Moore of the Republican Party…. And while I am sure that is an insult to one of them I am not sure who should be insulted more..

In Iraq:iraq.gif

Coalition forces killed five terrorists and detained 21 suspected terrorists during operations Friday in central and northern Iraq targeting senior leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq and a foreign terrorist network.

Near Yusufiyah, Coalition forces targeted the network that facilitates the movement of foreign terrorists in the southern belts around Baghdad. Surveillance elements observed four armed men maneuvering from the target building into position against the assault force. Responding iraq.gifto the hostile threat, Coalition forces engaged the armed men and called in close air support to assist them. Two armed terrorists were killed by ground fire and two were killed by aircraft fire. The ground forces detained five suspected terrorists for their alleged ties to that foreign terrorist network.

Two coordinated operations in the Jabouri Peninsula east of Balad targeted foreign terrorists and associates of al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders. Coalition forces captured two brothers who allegedly operate a safe house for foreign terrorists planning and conducting attacks in the area. The brothers are also believed to be responsible for attacks on Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces. Four additional suspected terrorists were detained in the operations.

Foreign terrorists & Al-Qaeda operating in Iraq taken out by US Forces… Nope not gonna see this on the evening news…  Full story here

Taleban killed in Afghanistan:

The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan says its forces have killed about 45 insurgents in the country’s south.

The coalition says ground troops called in air support Wednesday after their patrol of foreign and Afghan troops was attacked by Taleban fighters in Uruzgan province.

A similar exchange on Tuesday killed about 12 Taleban fighters in the southern province of Zabul.

Full story here

  1. My vote is with Fred. I could vote for Rudy, but I really don’t want to vote for Romney. But when it’s GOP vs Hillary, you know where my vote will be. GOP.

  2. Thanks for the comment Debbie, like you my preference at this point is Fred. Rudy I could definitely vote for not because I agree with him on several issues but because of his strong leadership and communication skills. I actually agree with Romney on more issues than I do Rudy, but Romney comes across as being one who is taking those positions because of political expediency rather than of heartfelt convictions on those issues.

    That and the thought of a Massachusetts politician getting elected president is somehow very scary. Just think, Romney was elected in Massachusetts by the same voters who elected Ted Kennedy, & John Kerry… Before I cast any vote for him I will certainly be examining him and his record very closely.

    Thanks again


  1. 1 Right Truth

    Politics Today (not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today)

    You better read this quickly, since the world is supposed to end today, September 14th, 2007. In general, politics is nasty business. Both parties have been plagued with illegal acts and questionable activity by members. Atlas Shrugs reports about Hillary

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