First Cup September 13th


Here are some of this morning’s headlines… First from the AP..

Hurricane Humberto:

Hurricane Humberto, which sprang up overnight, crashed ashore early Thursday near the Louisiana line, bringing sustained winds of up to 80 mph and heavy rain that raised flooding fears, the National Weather Service said.

Here is the rest of the AP article. For more on Humberto see the National Hurricane Center

Yesterday at this time Humberto was nothing more than an unnamed depression in the Gulf of Mexico, today it makes landfall on the Texas Louisiana border as a Cat 1 Hurricane.

Indonesia Quakes:

Three powerful earthquakes jolted Indonesia in less than 24 hours, spawning a 10-foot tsunami, earthquake_91207.gifdamaging hundreds of houses and sending panicked residents fleeing to high ground. At least nine people were killed in the tremors, which were followed by dozens of aftershocks.

One Australian seismologist said the region was fortunate to have escaped a tragedy like the 2004 tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people in a dozen nations.

Check out the rest of the Article in USA Today

Terrorists Nabbed in Iraq:

Coalition forces detained 15 suspected terrorists during operations today targeting al Qaeda leaders and their networks in the northern part of Iraq.

Coalition forces in Mosul captured two wanted individuals believed to be finalizing plans for an attack on the Mosul airfield during Ramadan. The two also are suspected of conducting attacks against coalition forces.

Forces captured a mortar expert near the Syrian border wanted for his suspected involvement in August attacks on Kurdish government buildings in Sinjar. The ground forces detained six other suspected terrorists during the raid and discovered a cache of weapons, including machine guns and vehicle mounts. After clearing civilians from the area, coalition forces called in an air strike to destroy the cache.

Iraqi and coalition forces captured a suspected terrorist in Kirkuk wanted for his ties to senior al Qaeda leaders. The ground forces also detained five other suspects during the raid.

“Al Qaeda in Iraq has tried to move its operations and avoid the pressure we’re putting on them, but there’s no safe haven for terrorists in Iraq,” said Army Maj. Winfield Danielson, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman. “We will continue to attack their network, no matter where their operatives hide.”

Read the whole article at the American Forces Press Service

But since this shows some of the progress we are making in Iraq it will likely never be reported in USA Today, the New York TImes or the CBS evening news.  Any stories of the substantial progress we are making in Iraq will not fit with the agenda of the liberal old media.   



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