Moron.Org Turns on its Handlers

The Wall Street Journal has a great editoral today regarding turning against Democrats who speak optimistically about Iraq.

Does it matter that they have visited Iraq and seen the surge working firsthand?  Of couse not!

Chief among the targets is Washington Congressman Brian Baird, whose indiscretion was recognizing progress on the ground, despite having initially opposed the surge and having opposed the war in the first place. After a recent trip to Iraq, Mr. Baird said: “One of the things that gets very little attention is that virtually every other country I visited says it would be a mistake to pull out now.”

As the Journal stated correctly, Congressman Baird, get out your flak jacket!  Moron.Org intends on running ads in the Congressman’s home district where a former soldier will tell of being shot at by the very people he fought to liberate and of course, how wrong it is for the US to be there.

What does this have to do with surge?  Nothing of course, but since when does Moron.Org deal in reality?

I am especially surprised by Mr. Baird’s steadfastness.  He is not going to back down from his comments and stated the following;

“I believe I must speak and act based on what I believe is in the best interest of our nation regardless of political advertisements or partisan interests. Based on personal visits to the region, I believe the dynamics on the ground in Iraq are changing for the better and, while there are still multiple and serious challenges, and while the course is uncertain and dangerous, the changes I have seen warrant continued support of current actions through next spring.”

Does my heart good to see a politician speaking beyond party lines.  Now if only the rest of them would grow some.



  1. “Does my heart good to see a politician speaking beyond party lines.”
    Me too, tan. It has become so uncommon that it just stands out when it happens.

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