To Save America, We Need Another 9/11

States Stu Bykofsky in his editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Interesting indeed.

I am not sure exactly what I feel as I type this, possibly a sense of disgust that this man is correct?  Americans do expect instantaneous results.

I find it laughable as I listen to those who state “the war in Iraq is lost”, “those people can’t get their acts together and stand on their own”.  How long did it take this young republic to truly reach independence?  Sadly, most cannot answer that question.

The only mistake in this global war on terror is that we still have the gloves on.  If you want it to end, it’s not going to be pretty, and yes….women and children will die.  That is war.  If you don’t fight against terrorism, die with them.

Unfortunately, from what I see in folks today is that if it’s too hard, folks don’t want to do it.  Does anyone today think about how the NYC subways were built more than 100 years ago?  How did those guys do that?  Folks just take for granted that it’s there.  No thinking about the inordinate manpower hours, drilling, constructing (you don’t think those I-Beams magically floated there, do you?), etc.

Basically, insert the War in Iraq above.  Does anyone truly understand what its like to walk in the boots of our soldiers?  Do you know how you would react with IEDs and bullets flying?  Be honest, most of you don’t, but you certainly do have an opinion as to how it could be done better, don’t you?

9/11 united us for a moment, then it got hard.  It’s easier to lay blame at someone else’s door.

Do more people truly have to die for folks to wake up and smell the coffee??????


  1. Unfortunately and very, very sadly, yes, the U.S. will need another 9/11 for people to wake up and smell the coffee. I believe that the most profound reason is because for the most part the “average person” doesn’t spend a lot of time at his/her computer perusing blogs and searching for the “real” news and thus is limited to only that news which makes headlines. Since the MSM is largely responsible for making sure those headlines, no matter how biased or slanted, are either seen or heard – whether it is the nightly news, headlines in the local paper, the homepage of one’s computer, or on the radio – this is the extent to which the average person will be advised and informed.

    Mr. Bykofsky has part of it correct – American’s like “fast food” and this, along with factors far too extensive to digress on, has created a mindset which demands “instant gratification.” You are instantly satisfied when you’re hungry if you can drive through Burger King. No need to “wait it out” and head for your own kitchen to prepare something. Why shouldn’t a war be quick, too, then?

    The war, as the “average Joe” must see it, was lost a long time ago. What is the point of continuing on with dragging out such a fight? American’s, by not loudly enough standing up and disputing the MSM, have basically endorsed being portrayed in such a negative light that we are now seen as the “evil” ones, virtually worldwide. I mean, look how bad we are – putting panties on the heads of detainees held at Abu Ghraib! Killing innocent civilians [Haditha] – rendering others to “Black sites” – placing wire-taps on phones without getting permission – and whatever else… Poor Mr. Average Joe has no clue that our Soldier’s, in continuing to fight, have done so much more that IS good than bad simply because “good” doesn’t sell news.

    Compound the above with the current state of our government. It is a mess – ripe beyond belief with corruption, strife and turmoil. For the most part, the “powers that be” in Washington do not seem to be even remotely interested or content with trying to put America back on its track, and at the rate the “Train of America” is going, there is no way it can NOT slam head-on into a cement wall! Nope. Not a chance in Hell of putting the “Train of America” back on track.

    This is only but another of many components why another “worsethan9/11everwas” will be necessary to unite Americans, again. We have allowed our government to strip us of any sense of morality – it is okay for someone to burn a flag, our Flag, because that person is entitled to freedom of speech; it is okay to teach young children about differences in sexual orientation and it is okay to let a pedophile continue to roam the streets freely because he is too short for jail… Conversely, it is NOT okay to celebrate Easter or Christmas – whether in a public school or through an individual Town or City’s display of a Manger scene or Christmas tree because for goodness sake we might offend the sensitivity of that Town or City’s Buddhists! And, it is NOT okay to discriminate against any person or group based upon their sexual orientation or ethnicity, blah, blah, blah…

    We continue to systematically sanction ourselves to be force-fed the cultures of others, regardless of how personally repugnant one finds that particular aspect of whatever “culture” that might be, in the name of politically correct diversity. We have become a nation desensitized to the deterioration of our own mores, norms and values, in our acceptance and tolerance of “politically correct diversity” and it is precisely this that is leading us at breakneck speed straight into the path of destruction and doom. That there are so many “terrorists” here [see:, on our own soil who will use a religion to “justify their hideous sins” is inevitable. Unless and until we “wake up and smell the coffee” pretty damn quickly we will have only ourselves to blame for enabling – no, worse – ALLOWING – others to set us up like pins in a bowling alley waiting for the ball to be jettisoned down the lane to knock us out of the game.

    …okay. I’ll end my ranting and raving. Nothing to do but just sit back and watch us spiral out of control… Sigh… Heavy, heavy sigh…

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