FBI Probes Goldman Sachs Threat Letters

Letters sent to newspapers nationwide threaten Goldman Sachs that “hundreds will die.  We are inside and there is nothing you can do to stop us.”

The FBI is investigating the handwritten notes received by The Newark Star Ledger, and publications in Indiana, Texas, and Idaho.

The letters were postmarked from late June and were mailed from Queens, NY.

Goldman Sachs sent the following internal memo to its employees:

“The firm is aware that a number of local newspapers in a few places in the U.S. have received anonymous letters threatening the firm. We take any threat to the safety of our people and our business very seriously. The Office of Global Security has consulted the FBI and other relevant authorities. Authorities have informed us that they believe the threat to be of low credibility. Nevertheless, they have mounted an active investigation to try to determine the source of the letters. We have a broad range of security measures in place to counter all likely threats and we continue to monitor this situation closely. We do not view this situation as a cause for concern.”

A source at Goldman who asked not to be named said that the firm didn’t think the letters were credible and that officials were satisfied with the many security provisions in place, especially in New York.

ABC News has the story here.

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