Oh dear, The Surge Appears to be Working

News services have been reporting this evening (including the liberal rag, the NY Times) that Iraqi civilian deaths have declined 36 percent in the last month.

The liberals have cause to cry; the surge appears to be working!  The thud you may be hearing is the dimwitted duo passing out cold as this means their cries of “we lost” seem to be UNTRUE!

Iraqi civilian deaths dropped to 1,241 last month, according to figures issued on Sunday, the lowest since a US-led crackdown was launched in February in and around Baghdad.

The latest numbers, compiled from interior, defence and health ministry figures and made available to AFP, indicate that 1,241 civilians died last month, compared to 1,951 in the previous month.

If the dimwitted duo would only let the military do its job!

Story can be found here.


  1. The surge is clearing out insurgents. Now the Iraqi’s need to step in and make some political agreements and train some competent police and army units to hold the area that’s been secured.

    – roger

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