Bela Pelosi and Reid Strike Again

The dimwitted duo are once again attempting to set a date for the terrorists to declare victory.

The dimwits have once again announced the surge is a failure.  I find it laughable considering the surge is just ramping up, that these idiots have already declared it a failure.  What makes me smile is that their approval rating is lower than the President’s.

The dimwitted duo and their ilk will once again attempt to place timeframes on defense spending appropriations, repealing the Use of Force Authorization, prohibit the creation of a permanent base in Iraq and propose to limit deployments of units that have not been stateside for a minimum of the same amount of time they were deployed.

Sheesh, I remember my guy in peacetime not being onshore as long as his deployments, but I digress.

Robert McFarland had a great editorial in the Wall Street Journal this week entitiled, “The Iraqi Nation”.  In it he discusses a meeting of 70 Iraqi clerics.  While the dimwitted duo and many others state that Iraq is in the throes of a civil war and does not want a united nation of their own, these clerics surprisingly reached concensus of planning how to unite their country from within.

The opening salvos from each of the three sects involved rhetorical statements of grievance — each against the others. What was remarkable, however, was that the statements turned out to be pro forma and by the afternoon of the first day these very powerful figures began to listen to one another. What transpired was fascinating. Shiite participants acknowledged that their followers had intermarried with Sunnis for generations — and vice versa — and while all deplored the brutality of Saddam’s regime no one counted it as legitimating a blood feud. The common theme was one of anger at the violence in Iraq and its primary driver, al Qaeda. But this rage came tempered by a commitment to put their country back together. Throughout the conference, they called it their “nation.”

I believe that Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the moonbats should move to something constructive.  How about letting the military minds do their job, instead of forcing them to defend their actions?  How about supporting our military instead of continually telling them they have lost?  How about telling them Thank you, for a job well done?

Our country was not built in the timeframe that these moonbats have announced failure.  Let’s be thankful these two weren’t around when our country was being organized.  We would still be celebrating Victoria day.



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