More Stories You Won’t Be Hearing From Iraq

As the media continues to report the body count and suicide bombings, Defend America reports Iraqi security forces thwarted a suicide bomb attack on a Coalition forces combat outpost in Khan Bani Sa’ad, located in the Diyala province, last Tuesday.

Iraqi Army Soldiers received a tip and description of a potential suicide vehicle bomb and engaged the vehicle with small-arms fire as it approached the outpost. The vehicle detonated prematurely, before it could reach the outer perimeter.

Two Coalition force Soldiers received minor wounds and were treated on the scene.

“The truly amazing thing is that the Iraqi Soldiers, who are mostly Shia, got the tip from local Sunnis, who had seen a suspicious vehicle driven by masked men traveling towards the outpost,” said Lt. Col. Marshall Dougherty, commander, 2nd squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division.

“This is yet another example of the people of Iraq refusing to allow terrorists to destroy their lives,” Dougherty said.

The tip from the Iraqi citizen allowed the Iraqi Army to seek out and destroy the suicide vehicle borne explosive device, saving the lives of the countless number of casualties both Iraqi and Coalition, said Dougherty.

Shi’ia and Sunni helping each other?  Say it isn’t so!  According to the liberals, there’s a civil war underway!

Also on Tuesday, coalition forces killed the Al Qaeda military emir to Mosul.

Kamal Jalil Bakr ‘Uthman, also known as Sa’id Hamza, was known to be the al-Qaeda in IraqMosul. Intelligence reports indicate he planned, coordinated and facilitated suicide bombings in the Mosul area.  Additionally, he facilitated the movement of more than 100 foreign fighters through safe houses in the area, and orchestrated attacks against Iraqi and Coalition Forces. military emir of

Coalition Forces targeted ‘Uthman Tuesday as part of their operations to disrupt the al-Qaeda in Iraq Mosul.  As they entered his residence, ‘Uthman rushed into another room and reached under a mattress.  Coalition Forces, reacting appropriately to the hostile threat, engaged ‘Uthman, killing him.  The ground force later found a suicide vest under the mattress.


  1. Simon

    Are the majority of people arrested in Iraq foreign fighters or atheists?

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