What next for Immigration?

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With the McCain/Kennedy Comprehensive Shamnesty bill dead, or at least in  a vegetative state, what happens next for immigration and border security? I have no idea what the Senators have in store for the next piece of legislation, but one would hope that they learned from the multitude of mistakes that plagued the the last bill and the process the legislation was drafted.

First and foremost the backroom deals that brought the legislation to the floor to begin with is something that should be avoided. Harry Reid complained repeatedly about the amendments being offered up taking up so much time. Had the Bill gone through normal channels to the Senate floor those amendments would have been offered up and debated in Committee. 

Secondly: There is absolutely no reason that everything must be included in one piece of legislation. Virtually everyone agrees that we must do something to address our border security.  Build fences, add border patrol agents, improve methods to track foreigners in this country on various visa’s to ensure that they are complying with the terms of their visa. This is a national security issue made evident by the Jersey Jihadists and must be a top priority to law makers. There is no necessity to couple this with any other legislation, and doing so only delays our ability to gain operational control of our border and puts our national security at risk.  

Thirdly: If Congress deems it necessary to expand or modify current temporary guest worker programs or create entirely new programs they can do so. In doing so however some provision must be included that provides background checks as well as a method to ensure they return to their home country when the time arises.

Finally the stickiest part of the whole debate is what to do with those already here. Realistically it is not possible to deport 12 million people. As law enforcement increases its efforts to enforce laws already on the books regarding employment of illegal immigrants, many will decide for themselves to return home. Those that choose to remain and are involved in criminal activity will eventually be caught. Deport them immediately after conviction and allow them to serve out their sentence in a jail cell provided by their home country.  There will still be a large number of illegal immigrants that are here that have broken no other law, are hard working, and only seek to provide a future for their families. I have absolutely nothing against that, and think that a path to citizenship could be offered to those who meet that criteria and have made an effort to assimilate into American society.  That path to citizenship however should not put them ahead of those who have spent years in the process of emigrating here by legal means.  

These are steps that Congress can and should take to address the illegal immigration problem in this country.  A lasting solution however is not going to come out of Washington DC. The failed socialist economic policies of Mexico and other third world countries is what drive the poor out of their country and into the U.S.  So the only lasting solution can only come when those 3rd world countries adopt economic policies that will provide their population the ability to raise their families with the hope and opportunities they deserve.


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