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The 2008 Presidential election will be about many issues that are carryovers from preceding elections. Illegal Immigration, Iraq, National Security, and the Economy are what’s getting the headlines now.  Another issue that will be making a resurgence in 2008 politics is Stem Cell Research.  Democrats will be attempting to claim that scientists are on the verge of curing various diseases from MS to AIDS, and the only thing that is preventing these miracle cures is a Republican controlled White House.

Here is this from Real Clear Politics   

After almost being forgotten, stem cells are back as a political issue across the country and just in time for the 2008 election season.

In Washington this week, the House is expected to send a bill to President Bush that eases restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, guaranteeing another veto on expanded research after Bush stymied a similar bill last year. In April six presidential candidates voted on the bill with Sens. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain supporting federal money for embryo research. Sen. Sam Brownback voted no while Sen. Chris Dodd abstained. Congress lacks the votes to override a likely Bush veto, meaning that both branches have punted the issue into election year.

In reality is not a debate about is not Medical research, or curing horrific diseases, or even the  morale and ethical questions raised by the research. What this debate is about is who funds the research.  It is perfectly legal to conduct research on Embryonic Stem Cells today.  The University of California San Francisco announced in a press release just a couple of days ago that it is expanding its nonfederally funded human embryonic stem cell research laboratory.  What is more telling to me in this whole debate though is that if scientists were as close to the medical breakthroughs that Democrats claim they are Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer would be pouring Hundreds of Billions into the research just to get in on the ground floor.  That they are not could be for only one of two reasons. Either scientists are not that close and the potential return on investment just isn’t there, or they are waiting for a Dem controlled White House to let the American Taxpayer foot the bill for the research.


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