Fred’s In

From the Weekly Standard.

On June 4th, Fred Thompson will begin accepting campaign donations.  Though he has yet to formally state he is running for President, Thompson addressed a group of more than 1oo supporters and fundraisers.  No one thinks Thompson would have set up this entity to accept the contributions if he had not decided to run.

This is great news.  I have been greatly concerned over a split in the Republican party with the candidates currently in the race.  While being a lifelong New Yorker and knowing the excellent job Rudy Giuliani did while mayor here, his social policies raise concerns with many conservatives.

The concern for me arose, as there is yet another potential Clinton wanna-be President on the horizon.  Ross Perot ensured Billy boy got two terms.  The Republicans need to put forth a conservative that will not split the party.

In my opinion, I think Fred’s the only choice to make that happen.  We CANNOT EVER have another Clinton in the White House.


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