A little Good News in Iraq

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Since the old Media rarely reports on anything positive in Iraq, when they do they should get the appropriate kudo’s… Here is one Associated Press Headline.

Iraq Residents Rise Up Against al-Qaida  

A battle raged in west Baghdad on Thursday after residents rose up against al-Qaida and called for U.S. military help to end random gunfire that forced people to huddle indoors and threats that kept students from final exams, a member of the district council said.

but that is where the report on any positive developments in Iraq ends.. The rest of the article is dedicated to accomplishments of Al qaeda and Islamic militants against our forces..

Here are a few other articles that the AP either didn’t think was news worthy, or they couldn’t couple them with similar insurgent accomplishments…

Iraqis Taking the Security Lead

U.S. soldiers maintain a quieter role at Al Suleikh Joint Security StationCapt. James Peay was starting to feel like a third wheel.

Peay, a battery commander with the 82nd Airborne Division from Nashville, Tenn., was accompanying the Iraqi police chief, Lt. Col. Ahmed Abdullah, on a combined engagement patrol through the east Baghdad neighborhood of Suleikh. Whenever they stopped to speak with people on the street, Ahmed did most of the talking. Peay stood off to the side, listening as his interpreter translated. His comments were mostly limited to hellos, goodbyes, and thank yous.

This was Ahmed’s show, and Peay was more than happy to give him the spotlight. It’s not that he is shy, Peay said later, it’s that, ultimately, stability in Iraq depends on the Iraqi security forces – and people like Lt. Col. Ahmed – taking the lead.

Successfully negotiating that difficult transition has become one of the major focuses of the entire war effort, especially since the kick-off of the new security plan for Baghdad, which has placed thousands of additional U.S. and Iraqi forces in Baghdad communities, often living together in the same compounds.

The Marines are busy in the Al Anbar province as well, but since the operation resulted only in the detention of terrorists and no casualties to either the Marines or civilian population the AP doesn’t feel the story is newsworthy.

Operation Scimitar cuts down insurgent activity

During the operation two detainees were brought in for questioning and there were no combat related injuries, so it was a success, added Impagliazzo.

“It was a very organized operation and the Marines and sailors performed excellently,” said Impagliazzo. “I wished more bad guys would’ve been caught, but as far as the operation went, all of us went out there and did exactly what we were supposed to do. There’s no way to even show on paper what a show of force does for a unit and the area and what operations like this do for the Iraqi people.”

Or this Press release that the Press will likely not publish


BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi and Coalition Forces detained three suspected terrorists during operations in central and eastern Iraq Thursday morning.

Iraqi and Coalition Forces detained two individuals in Sadr City during the first raid.  They are believed to be members of the secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.

Intelligence reports indicate one of the targeted individuals detained during the operation is suspected of providing facilitation and logistic support for trafficking weapons used in operations against Coalition Forces.

In a separate raid in Khanaqin, Coalition Forces captured a suspected liaison to al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders, who assists in the movement of information and documents from al-Qaeda in Iraq leadership in Baghdad to al-Qaeda senior leaders in Iran.

“We’re methodically disrupting terrorist networks in Iraq, and will continue to break down these networks so Iraqis can secure their own future,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson.  

Note the bold text.. Al Qaeda in Iraq getting support and direction from Al Qaeda senior leadership in IRAN…


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