It has been a while since I blogged anything…

The news has been nothing but a source of frustration and anger for me the last few weeks, with Nancy Stretch Pelosi and Ringside Harry Reid leading the Surrendercrats on a course of Failure for America and failure for the cause of freedom and democracy world wide. 

Iraq is merely one battlefield in the War on Terror, but it is a battlefield that we can not afford to abdicate to Islamic extremists.  It is time for a course change in congress.  It’s Time for Democrats and Republicans to put aside politics and focus on what we need to do to win in Iraq.  For Democrats and the Democratic leadership in congress that means passing a spending bill without the micromanagement strings and timelines, that provides our troops deployed there the resources that they need to win this war.  For Republicans and the Administration that means providing our forces the Rules of Engagement that are necessary for us to win the war.  Rules that allow our forces the ability to not only go after the armed combatants they encounter but also the support networks they have established.  We need the commitment to wage this war as a war… no half assed approach is going to work here.  War is brutal. we need to ensure that our enemies and those who support them know full well just how brutal it is. Our military superiority is unquestioned, what is questioned is the will of politicians to use that force to its full capability.


  1. Hi there! Glad you’re posting! I wanted to send you over to my page to check out a post I’ve got up this morning reviewing a political science article that make a compelling case for an Israeli preventive attack on Iran’s nuclear development program. Thanks in advance. Check it out at:

    Take care!

  2. As a fellow blogger, I share your frustration. I’ve also been frustrated that conservatives aren’t up in arms and UNIFIED about what’s going on. The Global War on Terror has become fighting with each other first and terrorists second. Pray for our country!

  3. Ellen

    Ok, Darrell. You’re obviously a Republican. Why has it taken them four years to stage the surge? Only because Democrats have forced their hand. They haven’t suggested the surge because they don’t want to have the American public come down on them. What they really care most about is their own political standing, very sad.

  4. TantheBlackhearted


    Why don’t you give us your military credentials so we may understand the perspective from which you post?

    So far, you perspective appears to be coming from where your head is located – in your ass.

    The problem with idiots like you is you think that politics and Media belong in War. The War on Terror has NOTHING to do with politics and all to do with erradicating tinpot dictators and islamic militants that have no regard for human life.

    Darrell’s perspective is from the frustration of a man who has been in the military and is watching YET AGAIN another group of Democrats using the military for their political gain. If you don’t know what yet again means, I suggest you open a history book instead of People to get enlightenment (but do remember to get your head out of your ass first).

    It’s not about Republicans versus Democrats, it’s about the military, about ensuring they are funded and supported.

    While we have the most capable military in the world and should never see defeat, the likes of people such as yourself will set the defeat in motion because you think you possess the intelligence to talk for the troops, when you don’t have the intelligence to cross the street unassisted.

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