Britain and Iran continue sailor standoff

The Mad Mullahas in Iran are still holding 15 British sailors hostage, in my opinion, to divert attention away from recent failures of the Iranian Government to prevent UN Sanctions over its Nuclear Weapons Programs (as useless as those sanctions are), and as a sort of tit for tat exchage for Iranians who have been captured inside Iraq.

It is also worth noting that Iranian President Mahmood Ahmagenocide and his followers didn’t do so well in thier most recent elections. Iran has created international incidents in the past to divert domestic and international attention away from its internal problems and the failure of its theocracy to address those problems.

Headlines in Iran and around the world are focused on squarely on the capture of the 15 British sailors, and not on the rampant unemployment in Iran, the Sanctions imposed by the UN, nor the increasingly blatant Iranian attempts to undermine Democracy and freedom in Iraq.    

The Times Online Provieds an interesting article which prvides a bit more insight into what really happened..

How Britons were conned by Iranian gunboat trick
The speed and cunning shown by the Revolutionary Guards suggests that their action was premeditated


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