General Pelosi’s Plan Criticized by Washington Post

pelosi-politics.jpgToday’s Washington Post has an Editorial that believe it or not offers some harsh and well deserved criticism to General Pelosi and her plan to withdraw from Iraq. It is unusual for the WaPo to be so critical of of the Beltway Princess and the Surrender first crowd, but they are not the first of the liberal leaning press to question the wisdom of the withdraw now proponents.

Take a look at Ted Koppel on Meet the Press Sunday, where even Tim Russert aknowledged that Iraq is part of the war on terror..

The WaPo Article’s last paragraph sums it up quite well and says what I have been saying all along… that the Democrats goal always has been to achieve some sort of short term political advantage, even at the expense of our National Security.

Congress should rigorously monitor the Iraqi government’s progress on those benchmarks. By Mr. Bush’s own account the purpose of the troop surge in Iraq is to enable political progress. If progress does not occur, the military strategy should be reconsidered. But aggressive oversight is quite different from mandating military steps according to an inflexible timetable conforming to the need to capture votes in Congress or at the 2008 polls. Ms. Pelosi’s strategy leads not toward a responsible withdrawal from Iraq but to a constitutional power struggle with Mr. Bush, who has already said he will veto the legislation. Such a struggle would serve the interests of neither the Democrats nor the country.

A couple of Previous Posts on the Pelosi plan Here & Here.

Hat Tip to Captains Quarters


  1. Its unfortunate, but the political atmosphere of today does not allow for moderate discussion on either side of the fence. Partisan name calling has led to a complete alienation between the parties that has placed all hope for a better future on hold. Co-operative discussion and less extreme rhetoric would do wonders for our progress at home and abroad.

  2. RCP pal

    Can you believe this? If they keep this up I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

    Three cheers….IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Washington Post? That’s a first. Cool.

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    General Pelosi’s Plan Criticized by Washington Post

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