N.Y. Changing Sex Offender Confinement

From the NY Times

New York’s most dangerous sex offenders will be locked up in psychiatric centers after their prison terms end if a court determines they continue to pose a threat to the public, Gov. Eliot Spitzer said Thursday.

Spitzer and lawmakers began negotiating a new ”civil confinement” law after the state’s highest court struck down former Gov. George Pataki’s order preventing such offenders from being released.

The Court of Appeals said in its November ruling that the state had used an improper process under the Pataki order for the evaluation and release of sex offenders it confined to psychiatric facilities.

Frankly I think the state of NY is approaching this from completely the wrong angle. If they are that dangerous – which predatory child molesters are – they belong in prison, not a medical treatment facility. If the sentencing guidelines and laws are not sufficient, and they are not especially in regards to sex predators, then it is those sentencing guidelines that need to change..  adding an additional level to the overgrown government buracracy will only allow more room for legal maneuvering that could potentially allow the release of the most dangerous predators into society.


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