February in Iraq…. The unreported news

Each month, I try and put together a post of some of the good news out of Iraq. Public opinion of the war in Iraq has diminished considerably, poll results and the November elections demonstrated that full well. Public opinion however is driven in a very large part by how the media portrays what is happening on the ground in Iraq.  While Car bombs and other terror attacks are certainly news and of concern to everyone, especially those of us who have friends and family in harms way.  Those reports however are only part of what is happening in Iraq.

The media has completely failed in reporting the tremendous efforts and successes of Coalition & Iraqi forces in engaging terrorists, or on the progress being made in rebuilding Iraqi infrastructure decimated by nearly 3 decades of Saddam’s reign. The media’s coverage in Iraq has been it seems to serve a political agenda rather than to inform the public. This agenda driven reporting on Iraq has been successful in shaping public opinion, and undermining our mission as well as our troops deployed to carry out that mission.  

Here are a few articles and press releases that did not make it onto the evening news nor on headlines in any news paper…. Simply they just do not support the agenda that the old media wants to advance.

Market Grand Opening Signifies Iraqi Resilience

Last July, innocent women and children were killed here when terrorists attacked one of the only places that thrived with livelihood – the Mahmudiyah Marketplace.

Since the attack, which killed more than 40 Iraqis and wounded more than 100, Iraqis and coalition forces worked together to rebuild the market.

Local Iraqis gathered at the Mahmudiyah Marketplace, now named the Martyrs Market in remembrance of the local nationals killed during the July attack, for the grand opening Feb. 14.

Iraqi Police Train to Lead, Protect

Iraqi policemen from the Babil and Karbala provinces took a big step on the journey towards Provincial Iraqi Control on Feb. 10.

The Iraqi police stations across the Babil and Karbala provinces sent 20 dedicated, experienced officers to the forward operating base to attend the Iraqi police sustainment training program. After 10 days, the officers graduated the course having gained valuable knowledge to provide advanced instruction to fellow officers at their home stations

Soldiers Work with Iraqis to Provide Medical Care

Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Company C, 414th Civil Affairs Battalion, and Iraqi civilian healthcare professionals helped the citizens here at the newly refurbished Sab Al Bor Health Clinic, providing medical care Feb. 10 during a community healthcare outreach project.

More than 200 Iraqis from the village were treated for ailments ranging from common colds, minor burns, open wounds, aches and pains, allergies, to ear infections.

Reconstruction Projects Help Improve Quality of Life

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division has completed 3,825 construction projects as of Feb. 9, 2007, with a total of 4,035 construction projects planned.

Currently, there are 802 construction projects ongoing – all funded through the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund, the Development Fund for Iraq, the Commander’s Emergency Response Program, the Economic Support Fund and the Iraq Security Forces Fund. Previous construction rollups included only IRRF and DFI projects, this and future roll-ups will include GRD projects under all funding programs.

Iraqi Police in Ramadi Discover Large Weapons Cache

Members of the Albu Obaid Iraqi Police station discovered one of the largest weapons cache in the last year while conducting dismounted patrols in eastern Ramadi, Feb. 3.

The cache consisted of over 300 82mm mortar rounds, three 152mm artillery rounds, two bags of homemade explosives, two Katyusha 107mm rockets, in addition to other items which included a mortar base plate, a spool of copper wire used for detonating improvised explosive devices and various smaller caliber ammunition.

There are 25 other similar articles for the month of February alone, that like these never managed to make it to any news cast or newspaper article .  In January there were 50 such articles.  Iraq is a long way from the stable democratically elected government we hoped would replace the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein but they have made a hell of a lot of progress toward that goal with US and Coalition assistance.  It is thoroughly disgusting that Media elites can shape public opinion about something as crucial to our national security by biased and one sided reporting. Even more disgusting is the failure of the American Public to demand fair and honest reporting in Iraq so an Informed opinion can be made.


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