Rescuers Try to Reach Mt. Hood Climbers

Didn’t we do this already? 

GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. (AP) — Rescuers who camped out on Mount Hood set out at daybreak Monday to try to reach three climbers who fell from a snowy ledge and were huddled in sleeping bags and cuddled with a dog amid ferocious winds and blowing snow.

“They are on the move,” Russell Gubele, coordinating communications for the rescue operation, said of the rescuers.

Other rescue teams from the ground were also on the way to the site, which is believed to be around the 8,300-foot level on the 11,239-foot mountain. The rescuers, about 30 in all were hoping to beat a snow storm expected later in the day.

The three climbers, two women and a man, fell on Sunday. They are believed to be good shape.

Rescuers reached the general area where the three climbers had found shelter behind rocks earlier Monday, but they decided to wait until daybreak because they couldn’t see anything, Gubele said, and “it’s extremely treacherous up where they are. One false step could be not good.”

Battling winds up to 70 mph and blowing snow, rescue teams had worked through the night trying to locate the climbers.


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