Coward In Chief of the Mehdi of the Mehdi Army runs to Iran.

From Reuters

 A U.S. military general said on Wednesday that radical Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has left Iraq and is in Iran, accused by Washington of inflaming moqtada-al-sadr.jpgsectarian tensions in its neighbour.

Imagine the coincidence that the Coward in Chief flees to Iran just ahead of a raid by US forces in Bghdad.

U.S. Troops Raid Shiite Areas of Baghdad

Thousands of American troops in armored Stryker vehicles swarmed through three mostly Shiite neighborhoods of northeastern Baghdad today.

I am not inclined to believe in coincidence much, it is far more likely in my opinion that Al Sadr was tipped off by someone within the Maliki government.

While he is in Iran odds are that he will be Picking up a few more of these


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  1. The Congress better act fast on their stupid resolution – otherwise the fact that the surge is working might interfere. Nah. There were 12 Republicans who are voting for the resolution. Let’s get those idiots a new job…

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