Obama declares his clean cut, articulate presidential bid

From ABC News 

Standing in freezing weather outside the historic capitol building, just steps away from where Abraham Lincoln used to practice law, another lanky Illinoisan will stand and declare his candidacy for president of the United States this morning.

Here is a sampling of Obama’s position on a few issues:

From 1010wins

-Abortion: Favors abortion rights. As Illinois lawmaker, opposed restrictions on public financing of abortions.

Not only does he favor abortion rights, he thinks we all should pay for it.

-Global warming: Co-sponsored bill that would set mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions and raise energy costs. Plan would require emissions to return to 2004 levels by 2012 and to 1990 levels by 2020.

Easiest way to limit emissions of hot air is for the Global Warming Doomsayers to just shut the hell up..

-Health care: Wants universal coverage by 2012; details not specified.

Socialized Medicine… Just what we need another Government bureaucracy.

-Immigration: Voted to give illegal immigrants a route to citizenship after they pay fines and back taxes, learn English, satisfy a work requirement and pass a criminal background check. Voted for building a fence along Mexican border, and toughening requirements that citizens be given preference for jobs over guest workers.

Shamnesty for some, Tragedy for U.S.

-Iran: Proposed regional conference that includes Iran, Syria and other neighbors, aimed at stabilizing Iraq. In 2004 Senate campaign, held out possibility of military action against Iran if sanctions designed to stop its nuclear program did not work.

Wants to negotiate with terrorists…

-Iraq: Supports capping troop levels at 130,000, beginning withdrawal May 1 and completing pullout of combat brigades by March 31, 2008.

The choices are win or lose… Obama chooses to lose.

-Stem cell research: Supports relaxing restrictions on federal financing of embryonic stem cell research.

Embryonic stem cell research is already permitted and being done daily… the only difference is that Obama wants taxpayers to fund it… In all honesty if this research had the potential that its proponents proclaim don’t you think that Phizer, Squibb, & Johnson & Johnson would be funding it far more aggressively than they are…. Not if there is the possibility that the taxpayers will fund it…

  1. Duest

    You’re an idiot.

  2. Ken

    The country is in the toilet and all you can still say is “He’s a Liberal!”
    Give me a break. I’ve lived in northern Europe and you anti-social medicine assholes really tick me off.
    In any other industrialized country in the world we could stand up and call your shit out since the country next door and their successes would contradict your “evidence.”
    One reason why the US populace is so stupid is that they never look to see what has already been done successfully in A LOT of other countries.
    It would be very easy to just study European health care systems, critique some parts, then enact a better plan.
    Fools like you actually BEG to be enslaved by big pharma and shitty health inspectors.

    and as far as higher taxes… just close the Federal Reserve and then _only_ tax corporations and non-labor–> problem solved.

  3. Good grief – you would think to hear the posters Ken and Duet (pun intended) no one would want to come to America – everyone would run off to Canada or Europe for medical care. ROTFLMAO!

    If someone has money and they aren’t American, they come here. Europeans get what they pay for, and since they don’t pay much, they get to wait months and sometimes years for surgeries.

    Ken, do yourself a favor and permanently immigrate to one of those countries where medical care means never having to say you’re sorry. So big hairy deal you lived in Northern Europe. If it was so wonderful, go back. No love lost here for ya fella.

    Of course the economies in those countries also suffer under the nanny states, and that’s why they don’t compete with us.

    No thanks.

    Darrell – great post – you sure put their panties in a wad. They hate it when we talk about what libs are really about.


  4. Biff Lowman



  5. Ken:

    First off I never said he is a “liberal”. I just pointed out his position on a few issues… You infact are the one who brought up the “L” Word.

    Since socialized medicine seems to be your mantra, here is what I had said in an earlier post…

    Socialized medicine creates a government run burocracy to manage your health. It would actually reduce the quality and quantity of healthcare available. Canadian citizens routinely cross the border into the US to get healthcare that their socialized healthcare system can not support… Should we adopt our own socialized healthcare system healthcare providers would have no incentive to keep healthcare costs low, while at the same time providing quality healthcare.

    Americans deserve affordable, quality healthcare. The only way to achieve both is increased competition among healthcare providers, and individual responsibility among the users of a capitialist based healthcare system.

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