Some headlines today

Iraq’s deputy health minister arrested 

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – U.S. and Iraqi forces swooped on the Health Ministry on Thursday, seizing a deputy minister accused of funneling millions of dollars to Shi’ite militias in the first major sign that a crackdown in Baghdad has begun.

Ministry officials and witnesses said Deputy Health Minister Hakim Zamili, a member of radical Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al- Sadr’s political group, was detained during the raid, the latest operation by U.S. and Iraqi forces to target senior Sadr aides.

The U.S. military, without naming anyone, said a senior Health Ministry official had been captured on suspicion of infiltrating members of Sadr’s Mehdi Army militia into the ministry and using it as a cover for sectarian killings.

Getting rid of the Mehdi Army and the other militias fueling the sectarian violence is an absolute must in building and maintaining security in and around Baghdad.  Malaki to this point has failed to engage Al-Sadr and his Hizbollah trained army.  The fact that he is now doing so is a good and much needed first step.

N.Korea nuclear talks edge toward potential deal 

North Korea said it was willing to consider first steps to ending its nuclear arms program at six-party talks that opened on Thursday, with China drafting a deal that could mark rare progress in the tortuous negotiations.

The U.S. envoy to the talks, Christopher Hill, said negotiators were looking to end North Korea’s production of the plutonium that fed its first nuclear test explosion last year.

“We’re interested in addressing problems created by plutonium production in North Korea,” Hill told reporters.

Note that the progress being made now would not have been possible without the influence of China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea and their participation in the six party talks. Any agreement reached in the six party talks means that when Lil Kim violates the agreement, and I am sure he will, he is not just violating an agreement with us but with his neighbors as well. Neighbors that his country’s very existence depends upon.

Palestinian rivals agree on unity government

Rival Palestinian factions agreed at crisis talks in Saudi Arabia on Thursday on the formation of a unity government, an official said.

“We have agreed to form a national unity government. The agreement will be signed very soon,” Palestinian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jamal al-Shobaki told Reuters.

The Islamist group Hamas, which won the last Palestinian elections, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction earlier agreed on the distribution of key cabinet posts.

That the Palestinians have agreed on unity is not surprising, what will be surprising and highly doubtful is if they agree to recognize Israel and denounce the terrorism they use. Unless they do they have less of a Unity Government and more of a Unity Terrorist Group..

England in grip of severe weather

The disruption caused by the heavy snowfall across England looks set to continue overnight.

Forecasters have said the melted snow could turn to ice by the morning, leading to hazardous conditions.

Hundreds of schools across the country have been closed and all 435 schools in Birmingham will remain closed on Friday.

Perhaps they can all stay home and watch Al Gore’s Inconvenient Half-Truths….


  1. Boss429

    Perhaps they can all stay home and watch Al Gore’s Inconvenient Half-Truths….

    After a week of low temps in the negative digits and daytime highs in single digits I’d discharge a few CO2 fire extinguishers outside if it would make global warming happen faster!

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