While the House and Senate seem set to fight over how best to loose the War in Iraq and place the blame on someone else,  Al Qaeda in Iraq has come up with a resolution of their own.. 


Islamist websites posted a 23-minute audio recording by Emir Al-Muaminin (i.e. Commander of the Believers) Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi, whom Al-Qaeda has appointed “head of the Islamic State of Iraq.” The recording, dated February 2, 2007 and titled, “Victory from Allah, Victory is Near,” was issued by the Islamic State’s media company Al-Furqan. In his address, Al-Baghdadi announces that the jihad arena will be extended beyond the boundaries of Baghdad. He also calls on Sunni youth to join the war against the “Crusader” forces, urges the mujahideen who have not yet done so to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq, and declares war on the “Persians,” whom he characterizes as an enemy worse than the Christians.  

Here is an Excerpt…

“We [hereby] inform the Sunnis of a [new] plan called the Plan of Honor, which is more comprehensive and more perfect [than the existing plan] and includes not only Baghdad but all parts of the Islamic State [of Iraq]… [This plan] will end with Bush announcing the failure of his [security] plan and signing an agreement of defeat… The goals of the plan are: to defend our people and our honor; to rout out the invaders and eradicate the remaining pockets and bases of heresy; to butcher the wounded Crusader tyrant and take advantage of the collapse of morale among [the Crusader] soldiers and commanders; to unite the ranks of the mujahideen and to strengthen the foundations of the Islamic State [of Iraq].

“Oh Muslim youths, remember the cut up bodies of the children, the voices of their bereaved [parents] and the anguished cries of the elderly. Let the volcano of your wrath burst forth. Burn the ground beneath the feet of the Jews and their helpers, eradicate their army, destroy their equipment, down their planes, ambush them in their homes, in the wadis and on the roads. Hide in the darkness of night and turn their morning into hell… We are not afraid of your coalitions…We have drunk blood [in the past], and we find no [blood] sweeter than that of the Byzantines [i.e. Christians]… Roast their flesh with car bombs, cut off their supply lines with [explosive] charges and tear out their hearts with sniper fire. Know that offense is the best [form of] defense, and be careful not to lay down your weapons before the war is over… We are not fighting out of nationalism, but with the aim of making Allah’s word supreme.

“To the mujahideen who have not yet pledged allegiance to the Islamic State [of Iraq], I wish to say that they are our brothers and we defend them with our bodies and tongues and do not [mean to] accuse them of heresy or corruption. But we regard their tardiness in rising to the demand of the hour – which is to unite, to adhere to the [way] of Allah and to join their brothers in the Islamic State [of Iraq] – as defiance, especially now that the infidels have united their ranks…

“O Islamic nation, we now stand where the Prophet and his companions stood in the beginning of the Medina period [when the jihad began]. Our war with the Persians has [now] begun just like our war with the Byzantines, only the Persian rule is [even] more depraved and despicable than that of the Byzantines…  

BLACKFIVE has an excellent Post as well: Here are a couple excerpts:

That is a bracing bit of reading, and sadly one we seem incapable of matching as far as will. Even sadder is that the defeated wing of the left would look at this as proof we could never win against these savages, as opposed to proof we can’t afford to fail.  

The Surrender crowd must have substantial investments in burqa factories. 

I have said a number of times we have an executive control over war-making in the form of a Commander in Chief for a good reason. This is it. War is not a popularity contest to be started or stopped based on the mood of the people. Moods are for cattle. When the monumental decision to go to war is made and Congress authorizes it, then the ball stays in the President’s court until victory or defeat. If Congress wants to change that, they have every right to vote to halt combat operations at any time. Absent that action, which the weak-kneed wussies in Congress don’t have the spine for, they ought to go out of their way to show the rest of the world that they support the efforts of those who will fight and die to achieve victory. Currently the only contribution our Congress is making is aid and comfort, some for our troops, but right now a big french kiss to our enemies.

The Bottom line is simple.. We are at war, like it or not it is a fact. We have two choices here win or lose. There is no middle ground and no grey areas.. It either win or lose.. Congress can either support the mission and the troops or vote to halt funding altogether essentially ending combat operations. If they do choose to halt combat operations against terrorists in Iraq or any where else, we will essentially be raising the white flag over the Capitol. If that happens the terrorists will be emboldened and expand their exports of extremist fanaticism and terror. It would validate their most powerful recruiting tool; that weak Americans will inevitably be defeated by Jihad, and the future belongs to a despotism based on Islamic Tyranny and radicalized Islam. The effects on our Allies would be even worse especially those who are themselves under threat from Islamic Fundamentalists. How many would conclude that appeasing the terrorists would be their best hope of survival?

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