Geldof to launch peace channel

This will eliminate conflict world wide in much the same way Live Aid eliminated Hunger in Africa. Remember how well that worked out?

From the Guardian

Bob Geldof’s company Ten Alps is to launch a new channel devoted to world peace.

The station will available via broadband but also on traditional television networks.

Funded in part by the Norwegian government, the project came about through Ten Alps co-founder Geldof’s links with Norwegian organisation Peace Point.

The digital managing director of Ten Alps, Nigel Dacre, said that the channel – which has yet to be named – will be truly international.


  1. I loved the Boomtown Rats… and as a kid- I Don’t Like Mondays was my junior year in high school mantra… I was naive enough to believe, “Hey let’s put on a show to end hunger in Africa”…. Then I grew up, did a little reading and realized that as long as the government in power wants their people to starve… hey… the people will starve. When will Bob Geldof realize that? If I can grow up… anyone can!

    By the way– Happy Blogiversary!

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