Illegals ask ICE Agents for jobs…

One of the readers here pointed this story out to me, and like Boss, I too had to laugh when I read it..

Aliens ask wrong people in van about work

BALTIMORE — Federal agents taking a break from an unrelated assignment yesterday arrested 24 illegal aliens at a Fells Point 7-Eleven after the men attempted to solicit “underground” employment from the agents.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were stopped in the convenience store parking lot when the group of Hispanic men approached the agents’ unmarked vehicles, ICE spokesman Marc Raimondi said.

Unfortunately this is where the humor in the story ends, and the rest of the story becomes infuriating.

Such as the repeat criminal record of some of those arrested.

Six of the men have criminal records in the United States, eight of the men have failed to comply with final removal orders from an immigration judge and one man had been caught at the border on four occasions, ICE officials said.

CASA of Maryland (a National Council of La Raza affiliate) playing the race card:

CASA officials invited other immigrant advocates and faith leaders to protest the arrests, which they say unfairly targeted Hispanics, and call for reforms to the country’s immigration system. “We’re making it more difficult for people to be good,” said the Rev. Robert Wojtek, pastor of neighboring St. Michael and St. Patrick Roman Catholic parishes.

The Mayor of Baltimore:

A spokeswoman for Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon told the Associated Press that the arrests highlighted the need for a designated day-laborer center in the city. 

I guess she feels that by creating the day laborer center illegal immigrants and those who hire them could gather together without fear of being arrested.. or of soliciting an illegal act from a law enforcement officer…

Why not expand her idea? Eliminate all the laws on the books within the city limits of Baltimore… Then Baltimore could claim to be America’s first Crime Free City…. 

Again my thanks to Boss for pointing this story out to me…

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  1. Of course the AP story at Breitbart was titled:

    UNLUCKY Day Laborers Arrested in Md.

    …..Poor potential guest workers

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    Systematic extermination of white people

    White farmers are being tortured and killed by blacks in South Africa. What does that have to do with us here in the United States? Some writers suggests events in South Africa may be a preview of things to come

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