Theft investigation nets suspect in 13 year old murder case

From the  Pocono Record

BLAKESLEE — A grand jury investigation into a $4 million theft ring in Hamilton Township has led to a suspect in a gruesome, 13-year-old murder near Bartonsville, the state attorney general announced Wednesday.

Police have arrested Gary Gerber Jr., 34, of Edwardsville, and his brother, Warren Gerber, 32, who is held in the Luzerne County Jail on theft charges; a third brother, Richard Gerber, 33, is still at large. All three have been charged with multiple counts of theft, conspiracy and other charges.

Gary Gerber has also been charged with the 1993 murder of Robert Hagan, a New Jersey beautician who was repeatedly stabbed and run over with his own car. Hagan’s body was found along Rimrock Road near Bartonsville at a site once popular for homosexual trysts.

To view the Pocono Record’s archived coverage of articles related to the Hagan murder, click here


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