Police fear 55 yr old Missouri man abducted

Updated: 21 December:

 Search ends for missing person

The search for a Sedalia man whose disappearance led to a police investigation ended Monday in Sweet Springs.

A Sweet Springs police officer stopped Fredrick Debulten in his pickup truck about 7 a.m. on state Route 127, according to Sedalia Police Department reports.

Mr. Debulten told police he left because he had “personal issues at home he was dealing with,” said Chief John DeGonia.

Mr. Debulten’s wife, Patricia, reported him missing Friday afternoon when he failed to return home from work for a lunch break.

He was last seen on a bank surveillance video withdrawing money from an automated teller machine, with what appeared to be a cloaked passenger in his truck.

Officers investigated Mr. Debulten’s disappearance.

Chief DeGonia said the stop at the bank was staged to look like an kidnapping.

Mr. Debulten, 55, will not face charges, he said.

From Kmbctv News Video included 

SEDALIA, Mo. — Police believe a 55-year-old Sedalia man, who was last seen on Friday, may have been abducted. Sedalia detectives said Fredrick Debulten did not report for work, where he was considered a reliable employee.”We had a 16 to 18-inch snowstorm, he was one of the few people who showed up for work,” Sedalia Detective Monte Richardson said.

Surveillance tape from a bank showed Debulten making a withdrawal from an automated teller machine Friday morning.

A passenger in Debulten’s truck appears to be shielding himself or herself from the camera.

“(There’s) a screen that hides whoever is in here with him. It goes from the back of the cab up to the visor and it screens out this person,” Richardson said.

Police said that they’re leaning toward a “criminal aspect” in the case.

Authorities said that they have an unconfirmed report that Debulten’s pickup was seen on Interstate 70 Saturday morning near Sweet Springs.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sedalia police at 660-827-TIPS.

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