North Korea Demands UN Sanctions be lifted

BEIJING (AP) — North Korea defiantly declared itself a nuclear power Monday at the start of the first full international arms talks since its nuclear test and threatened to increase its nuclear deterrent if its demands were not met.

Reiterating those demands in its opening speech, the North said the United Nations must lift the sanctions imposed on the communist nation for its Oct. 9 nuclear test. It also said the United States must remove the financial restrictions that led the North to break off the six-nation nuclear negotiations 13 months ago.


  1. TantheBlackhearted

    Isn’t Kim Jong Il just a funny little fella?

    Don’t you want to pat him on top of his head, before you swat his buttom telling him to shaddup and let the adults talk?

    Nuclear power, my ass. He rules a starving nation. He better worry when these folks are so hungry and have nothing left to lose, just how much they will revere that funny little man.

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