Mother Pleads not guilty in toddler’s death

Escondido mother pleads not guilty in toddler’s death

erika-panyavong.jpgThe Escondido mother accused of killing her toddler son and throwing his body in the trash —- and who then cried in front of TV cameras about his disappearance —- hung her head and stood with her back to news cameras for most of her appearance in court Friday when she pleaded not guilty to murder.

Phatsary “Erika” Panyavong faces up to life in prison if convicted in the death of 19-month Keithan Panyavong, who was first reported missing Sunday afternoon. An intensive search followed.

Missing Boy Found Dead; Mom Arrested Is Crime Library’s coverage of the case.

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Local news video coverage of the arraignment, includes video of mother pleading for the return of Keithan when he was still presumed missing..    

The Autopsy of Keithan was inconclusive and will require further toxicology results to determine the exact cause of death of the Toddler. What is known however is that the mother deliberately mislead investigators for days before admitting that she might have accidentally overmedicated her son, causing his death. 

Some of the questions not answered by the news coverage:

  1. Was it a prescription or over-the-counter medication?
  2. How well is her command of the english language? & How clear were the directions for the medication.
  3. What did the child’s father know and when did he know of Keithan’s death and disposal by the mother?
  4. Why the deception? If the child’s death was an accident why try and decieve people that the child wandered off? Since the parents were described as legal immigrants, fear of deportation should not have been an issue.    

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