West Columbia, South Carolina missing persons case remains unsolved

From  WIS10 News

porticia-washington.jpg(West Columbia) December 12, 2006 – The waiting continues for a West Columbia family. A meeting between police and prosecutors Tuesday produced no new charges in a six-month-old missing persons case.

In June a West Columbia woman and her seven-year-old granddaughter disappeared. In August, Kenneth Lynch was arrested and charged with stealing the grandmother’s car.

angelica-livingston.jpgA month later West Columbia Police Chief Dennis Tyndall told WIS they believed Portia Washington and Angelica Livingston were murdered, that evidence proved Lynch did it, and investigators were confidant murder charges would come. Chief Tyndall says, “A lot of things are tied together that show he did something to these folks and he tried to leave the country to avoid prosecution.”

That was three months ago. Tuesday police met with representatives of the solicitor’s kenneth-lynch.jpgoffice to talk about those murder charges. Now it’s half a year since the victims vanished, and still there’s nothing new.

Some Other News articles on this case:

No new leads in West Columbia missing persons case  June 21, 2006

Bail denied for man linked to missing pair August 7, 2006

Lynch, who was extradited Friday from Washington state, is charged only with grand larceny involving the theft of a car belonging to his live-in girlfriend, Portia Washington.

In denying bail on that charge, Rawl noted that Lynch was the focus of a “possible double homicide.” He also said he believed Lynch posed a “serious threat to flight.”

Lynch was arrested on a Greyhound bus headed for Canada after Washington’s car was found at nearby Seattle bus station.

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