Hamas Gunmen Open Fire on Fatah Protest

Hamas Gunmen Open Fire on Fatah Protest

Hamas gunmen fired on demonstrators from the rival Fatah movement on Tuesday, wounding four people and intensifying fears of a new wave of Palestinian infighting following the deaths of three children in a drive-by shooting, officials said.

The demonstration was organized to protest the deaths of the children, whose car was riddled with bullets as they were driven to school Monday morning. Fatah officials have accused Hamas of being behind the shooting. The children’s father is an intelligence officer who is considered an enemy of Hamas.

Again Hamas is opening fire on civillians and no one at the UN is demanding International Condemnation…


  1. 1 Right Truth

    KKK Member David Duke Attended Iran’s Holocaust Conference

    Former U.S. Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke attended Iran’s Holocaust conference. Iran banned any dissenting voices from Holocaust conference by not issuing visas to those folks. I’m sure they were more than happy to have Mr. Duke in attendance.

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