Hizbollah coup camp out continues

From the International Herald Tribune 

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Hundreds of thousands of Hezbollah and allied protesters deluged central Beirut on Sunday demanding government change as combat troops added more layers of barbed wire around the offices of the embattled U.S.-backed prime minister who has refused to step down.

Some fear the massive, peaceful rally could be a tipping point in the anti-Syrian government’s tense political standoff with the opposition.

Buoyed by the turnout, the pro-Syrian opposition gave Prime Minister Fuad Saniora an ultimatum of a “few days” to accept its demand for a national unity government or face an incessant campaign to oust him.

But Saniora, who has been holed up in his fortified office downtown, refuted the opposition’s demands and asked them to return to the negotiation table.

The opposition should “return to the constitutional institutions to discuss differences and reach real solutions,” he said in a written statement.

Syria, Iran and their Hizbollah lapdogs are attempting nothing less than a regime change to overthrow the elected government in Lebanon. 


  1. Boo

    The fact that you call the opposition in lebanon as hizbollah and alliance makes you look like fool. If you follow a little bit, you will see that the opposition is more than just hizbollah. And the gouvernment is now not legal, since its presence is breaking a few laws here and there, but you didn’t know that either? And if this gouvernment was so sure it will be allected again, why not a new allection? No my good man, they simply are too afraid they would loose their precius “chair” as we say back in my home country. Nobody is innocence but most people have more blood on their hands than you would imagine! If you would like, you could ask a bit around, and you would know exactly of whom I am talking about.

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