Missing: Lori Ann Slesinski

Related News article from WTVM9 local News

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies need your help locating a woman who hasn’t been seen by her family in nearly 3 months. Auburn police are still asking for help in the case of a missing Auburn graduate.

June 14th, Auburn police found Lori Ann Slesinski’s burned up Blue Mazda Tribute on Dekalb Street and Opelika Road.

The day before, her mother reported the 24-year old mental health worker and Auburn University Graduate missing.

“We have talked to a number of people but it’s not appropriate at this point to discuss who we have talked to , who we may have been looking at or what has been shared with law enforcement. We are just keeping all our options on the table, taking a look at a number of things,” said Auburn Police Captain Tom Stofer.

Police are still calling it a missing persons case. They won’t comment on suspicions of foul play.

And now another Lee County woman is missing. 37-year-old Kitty Rafford hasn’t been seen by her family since August 25th.

“In this case we had the family delayed reporting her missing about a month and we feel like it’s important if a person has a family member or a loved one missing you should go a head and notify law enforcement as soon as possible,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Investigator, Captain Van Jackson.

Police say some people have called the sheriff’s office saying they’ve seen Kitty Rafford. But so far investigators can’t confirm those sightings.

If you have information on any of these cases, you are asked to call police.


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