Never Forget


Never Forget… We hear those two words associated with September 11th, as well as December 7th.  The meaning of those two words however seems to escape many of our political leaders. Preserving the memory of those who were lost is part of the meaning. The part that escapes some of our political leadership however, is that we must either confront and defeat those in this world who desire to advance their agenda of totalitarianism and fanaticism or we must resign ourselves to build more memorials.

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  1. I always wake up feeling different when the date is 12/7. Sometimes it takes me a little while to remember, but then it dawns on me — oh yeah, today’s Pearl Harbor day. Seems like we’d have to make it a national day of remembrance for more people to pay attention to it. I blogged about Victor Hanson’s commentary earlier this week, comparing Pearl Harbor to September 11, suggesting how the nature of warfare has changed since that era’s “greatest generation.”

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