Iran urges Gulf States to expel the U.S.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran’s top national-security official urged Arabs on Tuesday to expel the U.S. military from bases in the region and instead join Iran in a regional security alliance.

Gulf countries, suspicious of Iran’s intentions, are unlikely to push out the U.S. military or end U.S. security deals they view as offering them an umbrella of protection, many in Dubai said.

But smaller countries such as Kuwait must tread a fine line between not antagonizing either the United States or Iran. Some Gulf countries refused to participate in recent U.S. Navy maneuvers in the Gulf so as not to offend Iran.

Rest of the Story here

Looking at two countries that have significant Iranian influence (Lebanon & Iraq) it certainly doesn’t seem that they offer much in the way of either security or stability. In fact you could easily point to Iran as a major reason for the expanding violence in Iraq and the Iranian supported Hizbollah is attempting a coup to overthrow the elected government in Lebanon. 

Iran may be able to offer many things to the Gulf States in a regional alliance… Security and Stability are not among them.    


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