1000 Posts

Since I entered the blogosphere early last spring I have made 999 posts on a variety of topics. From discussing the failure of a Cut-N-Run strategy in Iraq to locating the wreckage of the legendary WWII Submarine USS Wahoo, I have written about major news stories like The Israel/Hizbollah/Hamas conflict and ignored some other “news” items like Britney Spears’s choice of panties, or lack of.  I have posted on some bizzare lawsuits like Not everybody wants to be like Mike… and some “News” that is really not new at all  like Dems raising taxes.

Throughout all of these posts there have been over 50,000 visitors to my little corner of the blogosphere, leaving 1,349 comments Thank you!!! There have also been 17,562 pieces of spam (mostly porn) that have been blocked.. Thank You Akismet!!!

Now I don’t want to make this sound like an acceptance speech at the Billboard Music Awards but I would like to thank Milblogs.com and Mudville Gazette from whom I get most of my traffic, as well as the other members of CAII for a good portion of the material I post here and the associated links.       

A few Individual blogs that also should be mentioned include DeMediacratic Nation, Hang Right Politics, Assorted Babble, & Nuke’s news & views. My thanks to all.


  1. Congratulations Darrell.
    You’ve got a great blog!

  2. TantheBlackhearted


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