USS Wahoo on Eternal Patrol

Under the command of Dudley “Mush” Morton, the Wahoo became one of the most famous U.S. submarines of the Second World War. With 19 Japanese ships sunk, Morton was ranked as one of the war’s top three sub skippers.

The USS Wahoo was believed to have been sunk in the LaPerouse Strait between September and November of 1943.

uss-wahoo-pic-18.jpg     uss-wahoo-pic-04.jpg     uss-wahoo-pic-03.jpg    uss-wahoo-pic-17.jpg 

These photos were  taken in the Soya/LaPerouse Strait at the last known location of USS Wahoo (SS-238). For more information see On Eternal Patrol & The Submarine USS Wahoo Home Page (SS 238)

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