Missing: Nonnie Dotson

nonnie-dotson.jpgFrom Missingabducted 

Investigators in the case of Nonnie Dotson are reviewing evidence from search warrants served to internet service providers to attempt to create a timeline of Nonnie’s activities leading up to her disappearance. What authorities have so far looks like this:

Nov. 19th

  • 12am Left the Grizzle Rose Bar after dancing with several individuals
  • Investigators interested in filling in this gap as well, was Nonnie with anyone during this time?
  • 2:30am Returned home, logged into singleparentsmeet.com
  • 9am Logged in again to a single parents dating site
  • 1pm Logged in again to single parents dating site
  • Roughly 2pm left to run errands and did not return.

There is also reported to be conflicting accounts of how Nonnie’s time in the Air Force was going. Investigators have some communication that indicates:

Missing Air Force nurse Nonnie Dotson allegedly told her mother four days before she vanished that the military had “done her way wrong.”

Her mother disputes this information.

Also Edward Vehle the father Nonnie’s child is scheduled to talk to authorities next week in Texas.

Update:  December 6, 2006 Via Rocky Mountain News… Ex-boyfriend of missing nurse talks to cops 

More at Missingabducted

Updated via 7 News (Denver ABC Affiliate): Dec 4 2006

DENVER — After days of waiting to interview Nonnie Dotson’s ex boyfriend in Texas, police said the interview was abruptly cancelled.

Dotson went missing Nov. 19 in Jefferson County while she was visiting family in Littleton. She went out to get a smoothie, police said, and never came home.

Dotson is a nurse at an Air Force base in San Antonio. She has a 16-month-old daughter.

Deputies were expected to talk with the child’s father and his attorney Monday, but Jefferson County officials said the child’s father did not show up for the interview.

According to Crime Libraries latest article, Nonnie’s relationship ended because of the pregnancy. Crime Library: Friends of Missing Nonnie Dotson Shed Light on Her Fear of Former Lover

Crime Library Time line

  • 11/16: Nonnie arrived in Littleton.
  • 11/18: Spent her evening at the Grizzly Rose Saloon and Dance Emporium, where she stayed until at least midnight.
  • 11/19: 2:30 a.m. Returned to her brother’s home and logged into Singleparentsmeet.com.
  • 9:00 a.m. Logged into Singleparentsmeet.com.
  • 11:00 a.m. Last call is placed from her cell phone.
  • 1:00 p.m. Logged into Singleparentsmeet.com.
  • 2:00 p.m. Left to meet with friends and never returned.

Link: CNN.com – Transcripts

Link: Nonnie Dotson: Ex boyfriend in missing nurse case ducks police interview 

Link: Father agrees to talk with Texas police

Link: Rocky Mountain News: Local.

Nonnie’s MySpace page


  1. 11 Dec 06

    Dear Sir or Madame:

    I am an investigator residing in Lafayette. I have two queries for you:

    1. Does Nonnie have friends or acquaintances in either Watkins or Englewood?

    2. What was the location of her last cell phone call?

    3. To whom was she chatting during her Internet log-ins?

    I don’t mean to intrude upon anyone’s privacy, but would value your reply. Many thanks.


    Thomas D. Reisinger

  2. Julia Johanning

    Hi, I believe nonnie made a decision to meet with someone she met in one of her chat rooms. She probably thought she got lucky to setup some encounter in colo. because her family is there and they would be able to watch her daughter. Sounds like this was a crime of opportunity for the person who abducted nonnie; this is clearly an abduction. After reading many articles about this case, I am sure the police checked out that Colorado department of transportation truck barn on the corner near where nonnie’s sent supposedly disappeared. And how about that guy who supposedly defended her at the Grizzly Rose? Anyway, very disappointed nonnie is still missing. thank you

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