Ahmadinejad sends another letter…. Help Find Mahmoud a Pen Pal

Someone please get this guy a pen pal…

Tehran, 29 Nov. (AKI) – Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent a letter addressing Americans to be released by Iran’s United Nations mission in New York, the Iranian news agency ISNA reported on Wednesday. According to the agency, the letter would be published later Wednesday. Ahmadinejad had announced earlier this month he would address Americans to explain his viewpoint.

‘We clearly distinguish between the American people and the US government and believe that the US administration has also severely damaged the image of Americans worldwide,’ the president reportedly said at the time.

Earlier this year the president sent a letter to his US counterpart George W. Bush – reportedly the first by an Iranian president to a US counterpart since the Iranian revolution in 1979- and challenged him to a live, televised face-off.

Any suggestions as to who could be Mahmoud’s Pen-Pal? 

I was thinking Michael Moore… They have so much in common and could provide each other assistance in what they need most…

Mahmoud could give dieting tips to Michael, and Michael could help out Mahmoud in getting his works published to a wider audience… Literally

If you have other suggestions for Mahmoud’s Pen Pal please leave it in the comments…

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  1. I nominate Rosie O’Donnell. She needs something to do as well.

  2. I could just see an IM chat between the two:

    Mahmoud_01: Damn, I hate George Bush and wish I could cut his head off and use it as a center piece.

    Micky_Moore: Hey! me 2!

    Mahmoud_01: It’s just that those damned joooos have me so bent out of shape…

    Micky_Moore: lol! me 2 again!

    Mahmoud_01: the Zionist regime needs to be eradicated from this planet.

    Micky_Moore: me 2.

    Mahmoud_01: So…mickey, do you attest that Mohammed is the one true prophet? Or are you an infidel

    Micky_Moore has signed-off.

  3. Pauli recommends Rosie? Yeah, she’d be pretty good since she sees and is offended by things that aren’t there or real.

    I was going to suggest Time Magazine since they were so smitten with his letter he sent to them months back.

    Interesting that “penpal” popped into your head as something li’l mahmoud might like/need.

    Here’s the link to my post regarding his letter to Time.


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