Biden, South Carolina, and Mexico

Biden has yet to officially announce his candidacy for President in 2008, but he is attempting to line up support for himself in South Carolina, which happens to be one of the first primary states.  Illegal Immigration is one of the major issues to South Carolina voters.  Illegal Immigration in the News is one of my more recent posts on the issue in South Carolina.

Here is what Biden said about Illegal Immigration followed by a look at the incoming economic team of Felipe Calderon.

From Delaware online

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Sen. Joe Biden, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s incoming chairman, wants to get tough with Mexico, calling it an “erstwhile democracy” with a “corrupt system” responsible for illegal immigration and drug problems in the United States.

Biden, D-Del., was in Columbia on Monday in his first postelection trip to this first-in-the-South presidential primary state as he continues to line up support for his presidential bid.

Biden is not far off the mark here.  The Socialist Mexican economy has created a class based society of cronieism and corruption. Mexico is rich in natural resources yet any investment in Mexico to take advantage of those resources only lines the pockets of the wealthy ruling class. 

Why would anyone invest in Mexico when the rewards of those investments do not go to those who make the investment, but to corrupt politicians and government officials.   Mexico’s President elect Felipe Calderon named his economic team last week that is described as “business friendly”.  Many of those named to Calderon’s cabinet however held key positions in the current and previous administrations — either under President Vicente Fox, or Ernesto Zedillo.  If Calderon’s administration is able to substantially improve the Mexican economy or is just more of the same, only time will tell. However I do like one quote from Javier Lozano who Calderon tapped to be his secretary of labor.

“Instead of labor leaving to go where there is capital, we should be bringing the capital to where the labor force is.” 

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.


  1. As one of those white people that does a job that the Mexicans claim white people don’t do hence the reason they claim we need illegals, it is a bunch of BS. I have a real problem with criminals that desire special treatment, and it looks like here with these special visas, that is exactly what they are getting. Oh, the job I do? I dig ditches.

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    I know this sounds…..

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    Biden, South Carolina, and Mexico

    Cross Posted by Morning Coffee
     Biden has yet to officially announce his candidacy for President in 2008, but he is attempting to line up support for himself in South Carolina, which happens to be one of the first primary states.  Illegal Immigrati…

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    Riverside’s law is official today.

    Interesting article from the Philly Burbs.

    Talk about overcrowding?


    What can I say…… Illegals are good for buisness?

    Yeah and all the other good stuff…

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