Social Security Fix in the works?

From the Washington Post 

The next six months could be a productive time for economic policy. After a wasted 2005-06 cycle, in which the Bush administration approached entitlement reform too confidently and Democrats refused to talk, both sides may return to the table. The administration, now led by a practical Treasury secretary with the heft to sideline ideologues, may be willing to make concessions. The Democrats, faced with the challenge of living up to their unexpectedly clear election victory, may decide it’s time to make policy rather than just block it.

The most interesting debate will revolve around retirement. This will start with a rerun of the Social Security argument of 2005; but it could easily blossom into a discussion about the inequality and income volatility that’s grown with globalization.

I seem to recall the President saying that to fix Social Security everything was on the table he just couldn’t get Democrats to sit at the table to discuss it…


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