Gemayel assassination could be prelude to greater bloodshed in Lebanon


The streets of Beirut filled with cars fleeing the city as soon as news spread that one of Lebanon’s most prominent Christian politicians, Pierre Gemayel, had been assassinated in the capital. The killing of his uncle, President Bashir Gemayel, in 1982, marked the beginning of a particularly bloody chapter in Lebanon’s 15-year Civil War. And the fear now spreading through the country is that this latest attack could usher in a similar period of heightened violence.

Pierre Gemayel, the son and nephew of former presidents, had been the Minister of Industry in the fragile anti-Syrian ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. That government was already on the verge of collapse, following the resignation last week of all the Shi’ite ministers in his cabinet after Hizballah accused Siniora and his allies of collaborating with the United States and Israel in this summer’s war.

Hizballah and the pro-Syrian opposition have promised mass demonstrations and strikes, perhaps as early as Thursday, to press their demand for the government’s resignation and replacement by a cabinet in which they have greater representation. The government’s supporters have promised counter demonstrations. Now, the death of Gemayel raises the prospect of a confrontation between the two sides. Already, supporters of Gemayel have rioted in the streets around the hospital that contains his remains.

Now before the Lebanese government, and the UN can really get very upset over Syria and Hizbollah, assassinating a prominent member of the Lebanese government,  remember that it was the UN and the Lebanese government that not only refused to disarm the terrorist group but allowed them to ream as well.  See an earlier post Hizbollah stronger than ever in Lebanon for details. Lebanon has had the oppertunity in the past to disarm Hizbollah all it needed to do is demonstrate it had the will to do so, the means would have presented itself. I hope that now the Democraticly Elected Lebanese government will at least express the desire to disarm the terrorist militias especially those that are beholding to the terror supporting nations of Syria and Iran.


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