UN Says Iran, Syria, Others Fueling Conflict in Somalia

From Voice of America 

In a dramatic 86-page report, the panel of weapons and financial experts accuses 10 countries and militant groups of fueling a military buildup in the Horn of Africa.

The report delivered to the U.N. Security Council tells of large cargo aircraft and ocean-going vessels making clandestine weapons deliveries almost daily, in violation of a 1992 arms embargo.

It says rival Somali factions are obtaining surface-to-air missiles and motor vehicles designed for use as mobile weapons platforms.

Authors of the report underscore the rapid transition in Somalia over the past five months. They note that the opposition alliance formerly based in Mogadishu no longer exists, and that the Islamic Courts Union has become the main force in Somalia’s central and southern regions.

Who would have ever guessed that the peace loving folk of Iran, Syria, & Hizbollah are funding, training, & arming Islamic militants? 

Who was it that recommended to President Clinton that we should Cut-N-Run from Somalia in 1993? You guessed it John Cut-N-Run Murtha… What is he recommending now in Iraq? the same thing… See how well it worked out in Somalia….

Just think, If we would have engaged the terrorists in 1993 & 1994, 2001 could have turned out much different.


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