Lott back in leadership position.

From The Mercury News 

WASHINGTON – Four years after his racially incendiary remarks forced him to step down as Senate Republican leader, Trent Lott of Mississippi was born again politically on Wednesday, winning the second-ranking post of Republican whip.

As expected, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was chosen unanimously for the top job of Senate minority leader, beginning in January.

The new Senate GOP leadership team represents a return to pragmatism. They’re seasoned GOP parliamentarians who are expected to cross party lines and buck the White House more often than did retiring Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., who concentrated more on pleasing the president and the Republican Party base that’s key to his presidential hopes for 2008.

I have plenty of reservations about Senator Lott returning to a position of leadership in the Senate.  Those reservations have absolutely nothing to do with his remarks during Senator Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party. My reservations about Lott center around the Pork Barrel projects that he has pushed through congress. We do not need any more bridges to no where, nor can we afford to be spending $700 Million tearing up recently repaired railways to move it a few miles to the north. We deserve and desperately need fiscal responsibility from congress, on both sides of the Aisle.

Senator Lott as Majority leader though was very effective in pushing through legislation as well as articulating his position on any given issue. His leadership as well as parliamentarian skill will be necessary for at least the next couple of years. Gotta stay away from those Bridges and Rail Roads though.   

Hang Right Politics has more on Trent Lott


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